Source Code

Official Repository

The PLCrashReporter source repository is hosted at If you prefer to create a public GitHub fork, feel free to use the official GitHub mirror.

The repository may be cloned directly over HTTPS ...

git clone

... or SSH

git clone ssh://

Submitting Patches

Smart, dashing, witty! Adjectives used to describe contributors to PLCrashReporter. If you wish for these adjectives to be applied to you, we recommend starting with the Contributor Guide, and perusing our official Development Standards.

Additionally, please feel free to contact us via the project mailing list regarding your area of interest; we're happy to provide assistance in getting started!

Issue Tracker and Wiki

All issues are tracked in our Issue Tracker, and development documentation is maintained on the Project Wiki.

You'll need an account to file or comment on issues, but you can sign up for one directly here.

Mailing Lists

Development and user discussion occurs on the User Mailing List.

All commits notifications are dispatched to the Commits List.