PLCrashReporter Documentation

API Documentation


An example of iPhone integration and a crash report server are available via the (externally maintained) QuincyKit project.

Decoding Crash Reports

Crash reports are output as protobuf-encoded messages, and may be decoded using the CrashReporter library or any Google Protobuf decoder.

In addition to the in-library decoding support, you may use the included plcrashutil binary to convert crash reports to apple's standard iPhone text format. This may be passed to the symbolicate tool.

./bin/plcrashutil convert --format=iphone example_report.plcrash | symbolicatecrash

Future library releases may include built-in re-usable formatters, for outputting alternative formats directly from the phone.


To build an embeddable framework:

user@max:~/plcrashreporter-trunk> xcodebuild -configuration Release -target 'Disk Image'

This will output a new release disk image containing an embeddable Mac OS X framework and an iOS static framework in build/Release/PLCrashReporter-{version}.dmg