Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCPLCrashReportProvides decoding of crash logs generated by the PLCrashReporter framework
oCPLCrashReportApplicationInfoCrash log application data
oCPLCrashReportBinaryImageInfoCrash Log binary image info
oCPLCrashReporterShared application crash reporter
oCPLCrashReporterCallbacksThis structure contains callbacks supported by PLCrashReporter to allow the host application to perform additional tasks prior to program termination after a crash has occured
oCPLCrashReportExceptionInfoIf a crash is triggered by an uncaught Objective-C exception, the exception name and reason will be made available
oCPLCrashReportFileHeaderCrash log file header format
oC<PLCrashReportFormatter>A crash report formatter accepts a PLCrashReport instance, formats it according to implementation-specified rules, (such as implementing text output support), and returns the result
oCPLCrashReportMachineInfoCrash log host architecture information
oCPLCrashReportProcessInfoCrash log process data
oCPLCrashReportProcessorInfoCrash log processor record
oCPLCrashReportRegisterInfoCrash log general purpose register information
oCPLCrashReportSignalInfoProvides access to the signal name and signal code
oCPLCrashReportStackFrameInfoCrash log stack frame information
oCPLCrashReportSystemInfoCrash log host data
oCPLCrashReportTextFormatterFormats PLCrashReport data as human-readable text
\CPLCrashReportThreadInfoCrash log per-thread state information