Plausible CrashReporter
Example iPhone Usage
// Called to handle a pending crash report.
- (void) handleCrashReport {
PLCrashReporter *crashReporter = [PLCrashReporter sharedReporter];
NSData *crashData;
NSError *error;
// Try loading the crash report
crashData = [crashReporter loadPendingCrashReportDataAndReturnError: &error];
if (crashData == nil) {
NSLog(@"Could not load crash report: %@", error);
goto finish;
// We could send the report from here, but we'll just print out
// some debugging info instead
PLCrashReport *report = [[[PLCrashReport alloc] initWithData: crashData error: &error] autorelease];
if (report == nil) {
NSLog(@"Could not parse crash report");
goto finish;
NSLog(@"Crashed on %@", report.systemInfo.timestamp);
NSLog(@"Crashed with signal %@ (code %@, address=0x%" PRIx64 ")",,
report.signalInfo.code, report.signalInfo.address);
// Purge the report
[crashReporter purgePendingCrashReport];
// from UIApplicationDelegate protocol
- (void) applicationDidFinishLaunching: (UIApplication *) application {
PLCrashReporter *crashReporter = [PLCrashReporter sharedReporter];
NSError *error;
// Check if we previously crashed
if ([crashReporter hasPendingCrashReport])
[self handleCrashReport];
// Enable the Crash Reporter
if (![crashReporter enableCrashReporterAndReturnError: &error])
NSLog(@"Warning: Could not enable crash reporter: %@", error);