Plausible CrashReporter
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PLCrashReportSymbolInfo Class Reference

Crash log symbol information. More...

Inherits NSObject.

Instance Methods

(id) - initWithSymbolName:startAddress:endAddress:
 Initialize with the provided symbol info. More...


NSString * symbolName
 The symbol name. More...
uint64_t startAddress
 The symbol start address. More...

Detailed Description

Crash log symbol information.

Method Documentation

- (id) initWithSymbolName: (NSString *)  symbolName
startAddress: (uint64_t)  startAddress
endAddress: (uint64_t)  endAddress 

Initialize with the provided symbol info.

symbolNameThe symbol name.
startAddressThe symbol start address.
endAddressThe symbol end address, if available; otherwise, 0. This must only be provided if it has been explicitly defined by the available debugging info, and should not be derived from best-guess heuristics.

Property Documentation

- (uint64_t) startAddress

The symbol start address.

- (NSString*) symbolName

The symbol name.

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