Plausible CrashReporter
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PLCrashReportProcessorInfo Class Reference

Crash log processor record. More...

Inherits NSObject.

Instance Methods

(id) - initWithTypeEncoding:type:subtype:
 Initialize the processor info data object. More...


PLCrashReportProcessorTypeEncoding typeEncoding
 The CPU type encoding. More...
uint64_t type
 The CPU type. More...
uint64_t subtype
 The CPU subtype. More...

Detailed Description

Crash log processor record.

This contains information about a specific processor type and subtype, and may be used to differentiate between processor variants (eg, ARMv6 vs ARMv7).

CPU Type Encodings

The wire format maintains support for multiple CPU type encodings; it is expected that different operating systems may target different processors, and the reported CPU type and subtype information may not be easily or directly expressed when not using the vendor's own defined types.

Currently, only Apple Mach CPU type/subtype information is supported by the wire protocol. These types are stable, intended to be encoded in Mach-O files, and are defined in mach/machine.h on Mac OS X.

Method Documentation

- (id) initWithTypeEncoding: (PLCrashReportProcessorTypeEncoding typeEncoding
type: (uint64_t)  type
subtype: (uint64_t)  subtype 

Initialize the processor info data object.

typeEncodingThe CPU type encoding.
typeThe CPU type.
subtypeThe CPU subtype

Property Documentation

- (uint64_t) subtype

The CPU subtype.

- (uint64_t) type

The CPU type.

- (PLCrashReportProcessorTypeEncoding) typeEncoding

The CPU type encoding.

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