Plausible CrashReporter
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PLCrashReporterConfig Class Reference

Crash Reporter Configuration. More...

Inherits NSObject.

Instance Methods

(instancetype) - init
 Initialize a new PLCrashReporterConfig instance using the default configuration. More...
(instancetype) - initWithSignalHandlerType:symbolicationStrategy:
 Initialize a new PLCrashReporterConfig instance. More...

Class Methods

(instancetype) + defaultConfiguration
 Return the default local configuration.


PLCrashReporterSignalHandlerType signalHandlerType
 The configured signal handler type. More...
PLCrashReporterSymbolicationStrategy symbolicationStrategy
 The configured symbolication strategy. More...

Detailed Description

Crash Reporter Configuration.

Supports configuring the behavior of PLCrashReporter instances.

Method Documentation

- (instancetype) init

Initialize a new PLCrashReporterConfig instance using the default configuration.

The default configuration is appropriate for use in release builds.

- (instancetype) initWithSignalHandlerType: (PLCrashReporterSignalHandlerType signalHandlerType
symbolicationStrategy: (PLCrashReporterSymbolicationStrategy symbolicationStrategy 

Initialize a new PLCrashReporterConfig instance.

signalHandlerTypeThe requested signal handler type.
symbolicationStrategyA local symbolication strategy.

Property Documentation

- (PLCrashReporterSignalHandlerType) signalHandlerType

The configured signal handler type.

- (PLCrashReporterSymbolicationStrategy) symbolicationStrategy

The configured symbolication strategy.

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