PLCrashReporter Consortium

The PLCrashReporter Consortium is a membership organization dedicated to the continued independent research and development of PLCrashReporter, insuring that PLCrashReporter keep pace with the swift release of new hardware, operating systems, and platform changes, and remains a trustworthy, open-source, and strongly supported crash reporting solution.

Consortium members contribute funding to support the ongoing development and maintenance of PLCrashReporter, and in return, receive enterprise-level technical support and legal assurances that PLCrashReporter will remain independent and open-source. Additionally, Consortium members have direct access to the project developers, and receive priority consideration for bug fixes and feature requests.

Companies deploying a crash reporting solution with PLCrashReporter may wish to consider joining the Consortium as inexpensive insurance in the future health of the project. The Consortium membership fee is a fraction of the cost of devoting internal staff to support, maintain, and improve PLCrashReporter.

Some of the additional benefits of membership include:

Additional benefits and details may be found on our Professional Support page, and in the example Consortium Agreement.

Joining the PLCrashReporter Consortium

Membership in the PLCrashReporter Consortium is secured via contract (example), with annual membership fee of $35,000 USD. Additional details may be found on our Professional Support page, or please feel free to contact us directly at for more information.