Professional Support

Since 2008, Plausible Labs has brought our deep understanding of systems programming to our development of PLCrashReporter — a free, open-source, in-process crash reporting library for iOS and Mac OS X. Used in thousands of applications, relied upon by analytics companies, developer tools providers, internal corporate crash reporting services, PLCrashReporter is unrivaled as a reliable, stable, well-tested, and carefully built crash reporting tool.

We genuinely believe that complex tools such as PLCrashReporter should be open-source, in the same way that Apple keeps their operating system kernel open-source, as to allow for peer review and validation of the approaches we have taken in our technical implementation. Integrators — whether they be application developers or platform providers — should be certain of the robustness of the software, that there is no use of private API or poor implementation that could harm their business or their customer's business.

With our platform knowledge, dedicated focus on reliability and correctness, and conservative approach to developing such a critical tool, PLCrashReporter has become the de facto standard for crash reporting on iOS. With this in mind, we at Plausible Labs have expanded our support offerings to ensure that PLCrashReporter remains a trustworthy, free, and open-source solution to crash reporting on iOS, Mac OS X, — and future platforms.

— Landon Fuller, Plausible Labs Cooperative

Available Support Contracts

Technical Consortium Membership — $35,000/year


If your company is building your own analytics/crash reporting platforms around PLCrashReporter, you may be interested in sponsoring PLCrashReporter development in exchange for enterprise-level technical support, assistance with integrating new competitive features, and strong guarantees that PLCrashReporter will remain free and well-supported. Your membership will directly fund ongoing feature development and maintenance of PLCrashReporter.

Services Included

  • Phone and E-mail support. Response time guaranteed to be within 1 business day (excluding holidays). We're also happy to provide support over the phone, video chat, screen sharing, or any other reasonable medium.
  • Emergency support. One emergency support incident is provided, where we guarantee response time within 1 business day during weekends and holidays.
  • Code level support on your product, including assistance with debugging integration issues or providing custom builds of PLCrashReporter to assist in debugging.
  • Early access and notification of in-development features and functionality.
  • Support for any version of PLCrashReporter released in the previous three years.
  • Optional early e-mail notification of significant issues or errata that may affect your product.
  • Requests, comments, and suggestions take priority over requests from the general public and maintenance subscription customers.
  • If desired, we will include your logo or brand name on the PLCrashReporter website, where you will be listed as a sponsoring consortium member.

Limitations and Exclusions

  • The combined time for Debugging Support and Custom Development for Company is limited to 75 hours per year.
  • We will assist in writing code that implements new features in PLCrashReporter, or code that interfaces with PLCrashReporter. However, we cannot write your entire application or library for you, or guarantee that customizations to PLCrashReporter will be included in the primary repository.
  • This agreement does not cover on-site consultation, but it may be arranged on a case-by-case basis depending on your needs and location. Plausible Labs has offices in New York and San Francisco, and presence in Washington, DC.
  • Additional support may be purchased at a cost of $175/hr, as availability permits.

Refer to the Consortium Agreement for full details.

Application Developer Annual Maintenance Subscription — $1,500/year


For application developers integrating PLCrashReporter into their own products, or client products, we provide an Annual Application Developer Maintenance Subscription.

Services Included

  • Direct e-mail support for standard application integration questions.
  • Assistance in interpreting crash reports or debugging bugs in your application(s).
  • Requests, comments, and suggestions take priority over requests from the general public.

Limitations and Exclusions

  • Support time is limited to 10 hours per year. Additional support may be purchased at a cost of $200/hr, as availability permits.
  • If your company is considering building a crash reporting solution around PLCrashReporter, we recommend becoming a Technical Consortium Member.